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Import Streamlabs SLOBS Overlay file

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7 steps on how to Import Overlay files into SLOBS

  1. Open SLOBS and open settings ( you will find settings in the bottom left corner as wheel icon)
  2. In the left menu choose the “Scene Selection” tab and click on it
  3. In the window that opened click on the “Import Overlay File”
  4. It will open file explorer please navigate to the folder you downloaded and unzipped and choose the Streamlabs overlay import file
  5. Click open and your scenes are imported
  6. Please check all scenes and adjust everything as you like. Edit social media handles and anything you need.
  7. Notice that you will need to add widgets like Latest Sub, Follower, etc., depending on your needs and what platform you stream.

After Import please check all scenes if they are working correctly.
You can change your social names in the “Edit Social names here” and those names will be updated in all scenes where you have the socials widget active.

You will find the Font that was used in the “Additional Info” folder
You are now able to add labels like Latest Subscriber, Follower, Donation, Sponsor, etc…
We do not create labels by default, you would need to create them on your own. (Reason for this is individual preferences and different streaming platforms might not have the same labels data)
If you need more info about how to setup labels please How to Set Up Streamlabs Stream Labels – YouTube

Please visit the official info on labels on Streamlabs website for more information about their settings.

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