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Hexagon Transition

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Product Information

Transition in size 1920x1080
Optimized to use in OBS Studio / Streamlabs Desktop ( SLOBS ) / Editing video programs that support MOV format ( Video with Alpha Channel )
Transition includes versions with and without sound
For Video Editing please use MOV
For streaming please use Webm ( to avoid high CPU usage )

  1. Go to the “Scene Transitions” section and add a “Stinger” by clicking the “+” button in the drop-down menu.
  2. Give the new “Stinger” a name and confirm by clicking “OK”.
  3. Click on “Browse” for the file you download and unzipped
  4. You will have a few options to choose from MOV (high-quality format but it’s heavy in size and can go up to 200MB ) or WebM ( Small video format perfect for streaming use )
  5. Select the Transition you prefer with normal sound, lower sound, or no sound option.
  6. Set the “Transition Point Type” to “time” and the “Transition Point” to 2000.
  7. For enabling sound please select the option from the dropdown menu “Audio Monitoring” or “Monitoring and Output”.
  8. Audio Fade Style: Select the one you prefer the most ( By default it’s Monitor Off)
  9. Confirm the changes by clicking “OK”.
  10. Try changing the scene to see if everything works as expected

OBS Stinger Settings


Streamlabs Stinger Settings


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