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Holographic Stream Alerts

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Below you can learn about the contents of the folder and how to set up alerts.

Introducing Holographic, the ultimate collection of futuristic animated alerts for streamers and content creators. With Holographic, you can add a touch of cutting-edge technology to your streaming experience. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform, Holographic has the perfect alerts for you.

This product contains

✦ Animated Alerts
✦ 8 ( Subscriber, Follower, Donation, Cheer… )
✦ StreamElements One Click Install Alertbox ( Instructions on how to use below )
✦ Streamlabs instructions
✦ 4 Sounds included

The font used is Orbitron
Colors used are: You can use any color that you like, it’s a personal preference

✦How to install/create/use alerts

╰┈➤ Streamlabs
The size of the alert box is 860x360( use the same size for browser source size in OBS)

Alerts Settings
Alert Layout: Text over the image ( Middlebox )
Alert Animation: Fade In / Fade Out
Message Template: Use default or you can use this templates

  • Follower – welcome {name}
  • Sub – welcome {name} x {amount}
  • Tip – Thank you {name} - {currency}{amount}
  • Cheer – {name} x{amount}
  • Raid – {name} raid x{amount} viewers

Info on line separate.png

Holo Streamlabs.png

Upload WebM and Sound
Alert Duration: 8 sec
Alert Text Delay: 1 sec

Text Settings Font
Font name: Orbitron or any other font you like
Font Size: 35+px ( choose the size you prefer)
Font Weight: 500
Font Color: Any color you like

Click save when you are done with edits you will need to repeat this step for all alerts you want to use, I do recommend clicking “Save” more times, sometimes Streamlabs has a delay and does not save from the first click

╰┈➤ StreamElements
The size of the alert box is 860x360( use the same size for browser source size in OBS)

Main Settings:
Alert Duration: 8 sec
Layout: Text over the image ( First box in the Layout options )
Text Setting:
Font: Orbitron or any other font you like
Font size: 35 (depends on the amount of text)
Line height: 1
Advanced Text Settings
Margin: 0 ( Adjust if you change the size of the alert box )
Text Color: Any color you like
Animation Settings:
Text animation enter: Fade in
Text animation enter: Fade out
Text appearance: 1 sec
Text disappearance: 1 sec

Holo StreamElements.png

╰┈➤ One Click StreamElements Install

We have also included one-click installation alerts specifically for StreamElements users.
To access these alerts, please log in to StreamElements before following these steps.
Open the folder you downloaded/unzipped, then open the “Alerts Folder” double-click on the “StreamElements Premade Alerts” file, and the alerts will be created.
To access them, navigate to the “Overlays” tab in StreamElements Dashboard and you can start using your new alerts without any additional setup.
If you want to make changes, it is recommended that you create a duplicate of the alert box and edit the new copy overlay so that you always have a backup of your alerts.


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