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Cyberpunk Animated Scenes

5 mins read
Cyberpunk Animated Scene is the perfect way to add a touch of futuristic edge to your stream. Watch as a dystopian cityscape animates across the screen, complete with glowing neon lights and high-tech holographic displays. This scene is the perfect choice for streamers looking to add a touch of cyberpunk style to their setup.

This pack contains

  • 4 Animated Backgrounds 
  • 3 Animated Intermission 
  • Animated Text for Start/Brb/End scenes 
  • Animated Labels
  • Animated Chat Frames

How to install animated overlays

There are various ways you can utilize these designs, we have provided multiple options for you to choose from that will fit your specific needs as a creator/streamer. Feel free to select the one that best suits you.

  • Use premade designs with all labels and screens done ( upload as WebM-video files to OBS/Streamlabs → can be found in the folder - Premade Scenes  )
  • Create your own scenes 
  • One-click install - StreamElements or Streamlabs ( import files can be found in folder→ Premade Scenes )
  • To reduce CPU or encoding resources, make sure that for animated files “Close File When Inactive” is checked
  • Add in image sources for icons (found in the icon folder) and add Text for Socials or Labels. Our product is user-friendly and offers a wide range of designs and editing options, allowing you to personalize your overlays by rearranging, resizing, and creating your own. The modular elements provide the flexibility to change the style and appearance of your stream with just a few clicks, giving you the ability to create unique scenes.

╰┈➤ How to upload files in OBS/Streamlabs

  • You can add an image or video directly by clicking on + in the bottom menu, choosing Media Source for video files or Image for JPEG/PNG files
  • Or you can drag and drop image/video files directly into OBS/Streamlabs Desktop
  • Resize and reposition as you see fit
  • Add more elements or just duplicate the ones you already added

╰┈➤ Import .overlay premade scenes into Streamlabs Desktop

To install the overlays with one click using Streamlabs, open the Streamlabs desktop, navigate to settings, select the “Scenes Collection” option, and click “Import overlays.”
The files can be located in the folder you downloaded ( You will find the import overlay in the  "Streamlabs Import " folder, then the overlays/scenes will be installed automatically with one click. Add labels and any additional text you might need.)


╰┈➤ Import premade scenes into StreamElements

  • To install the overlays with one click using StreamElements, login to StreamElements
    Files for import can be located in the folder you downloaded, and then the overlays/scenes will be installed automatically with one click. Add labels and any additional text you might need.
  • Open the folder you downloaded/unzipped, then open the folder named.” StreamElements Scenes"  and open text files, read instructions, and copy/paste links from the text file into the browser source, scenes will be created.
  • To access them, navigate to the “Overlays” tab in StreamElements Dashboard and you can start using your new alerts without any additional setup. If you want to make changes, it is recommended that you create a duplicate of the overlay and edit the new copy overlay so that you always have a backup of your original scenes.


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